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What Makes Garner Wallace the Best Local Jeweler in Texas

Are you searching for a beautiful custom piece of jewelry for a loved one? What about investing in a new luxury watch for yourself?

If you want high-quality designs, long-lasting materials, and expert jewelers and watch repair, you need to check out Garner Wallace in Keller, Texas. We’re the best local jeweler in all of Texas, and here’s why.

Rolex Service and Repair

Garner Wallace’s family-run jewelry shop that does Rolex timepiece service and repair center.

The Swiss watch company Rolex started making watches over 100 years ago. Today, Rolex is known for creating some of the most stylish and long-lasting luxury watches on the market.

In Keller, Texas, Garner Wallace repairs and sells preowned Rolexes for good value. Every used Rolex available to purchase from Garner Wallace is guaranteed to function perfectly and you can be sure that it’s real and authentic because this local jeweler’s team of expert watchmakers conducts a thorough examination and repair of each preowned Rolex.

Do you have an old Rolex timepiece sitting around your house? If you bring it into Garner Wallace, we’ll give you cash. If you want to buy a new one, you can bring in your old used Rolex and we can give you a huge discount!

Custom Jewelry Design

The Garner Wallace jewelry store is famous for its beautiful custom jewelry. We offer bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and rings. You can get timeless and gorgeous custom wedding and engagement rings.

Garner Wallace is the best jeweler in Texas because of our stellar team of expert jewelers. The team of jewelry designers can meet with you for a design appointment. You will meet and discuss your wishes for your piece of jewelry, and the jewelry experts will create a design for you using innovative computer software.

Traveling Clock Repair Expert

Do you have a grandfather clock that tolls loudly at seemingly random times throughout the day? Did all the clocks around your house seem to stop working all at once? Call Garner Wallace for help!

We have an in-house clock repair specialist who travels to your home to make affordable repairs. They have many years of experience working with a diverse range of clocks. The expert can repair just about anything, such as grandfather clocks, pocket watches, mantle clocks, and mechanical clocks.

If you want to repair your basic wristwatch, you can drop it off in the storefront where the team can repair your clock and replace the band.

In-House Graduate Gemologist

This local jeweler in Texas is known for its reliability and honesty. Garner Wallace has an in-house graduate gemologist to appraise the gemstones and jewelry pieces for accurate pricing and worth.

This way, you know exactly what you’re getting and you know you’re paying a fair price.

Find Luxury at Your Local Jeweler Today!

Garner Wallace makes gorgeous jewelry and repairs reliable luxury watches at an affordable price.

Contact us today to learn more about what this local jeweler has to offer!

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