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When it comes to giving a gift to a loved one, you want something that shows them that your love for them is timeless. If you’re looking for a gift that will leave your loved one breathless, our local jewelry store is the way to go. 

We offer the best selection of diamond jewelry in Keller, TX. Our graduate gemologist selects the finest diamond jewelry and can walk you through the selection process. We’ll help you find the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift. We are your Keller jewelry store.

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How We Grade Our Diamonds: The Four C’s

There are four ways to determine the value of a diamond: cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. Each of these criteria is unique but also play off of each other. Only by understanding and looking for each one can you get an accurate assessment of a diamond. 

The Cut

This represents the dimension and proportion of a diamond. Sellers cut diamonds in various cuts, such as round, princess, pear, heart, and others. Since every seller has a different level of skill, their ability plays an important role in the value of a diamond. Higher cut values from skilled sellers have a dazzling appearance because of their ability to reflect light. 

The Clarity

The clarity of the diamond represents the number of blemishes and inclusions. These issues can be difficult to see and require a trained eye to see since they’re on both the inside and outside of the diamond. 

There are few diamonds with perfect clarity, making those that are extremely valuable. There’s a link between clarity and size, as most of the time smaller diamonds have more clarity. Larger diamonds have a higher surface area, meaning there’s a greater chance that there are blemishes. 


The color of a diamond is pretty self-explanatory but plays a major role in the value of the diamond. Even if a diamond looks clear, you can almost always find a small amount of brown or yellow. 

The value of a diamond goes up the clearer it is. You can get diamonds in several colors, including red, yellow, blue, or others, but the clearer the diamond the better. Many diamond sellers aren’t qualified enough to determine the color of a diamond, but our graduate gemologist has years of experience in valuing different pieces of jewelry of all colors. 


A carat = 1/5 of a gram, making the carat rating the weight of the diamond. Carats are also broken up into points, which are hundredths of a gram. A 2.10-carat diamond is 2 carats and 10 points. 

Diamonds that have a higher carat rating are more valuable, but the value isn’t proportional. Larger diamonds are rarer. A three-carat diamond is far more than three times more valuable than a one-carat diamond, depending on the color, clarity, and cut.

It takes years of experience and education to look for all four qualities and determine an accurate value for diamonds. Our team and gemologist have this experience and education, meaning that when you come to our diamond store in Keller, TX you’ll only see the finest diamond rings and jewelry on display. 

The Best Local Diamond Store Selection in Keller, TX 

When you come into our diamond store, you can choose from the best selection in Keller. We have everything from diamond rings to necklaces and bracelets for you to choose from, and they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and cuts. 

We offer high-quality diamonds at a fair price, along with the expertise to help you decide what’s best for your budget and personal style.  

Our mission is to make it easy for you to get the perfect diamond for yourself or your loved one. We work hard to produce a pressure-free sales environment so that you can come inside and browse without feeling like you’re being followed around the store. 

We also make sure that our employees have the proper training to deliver world-class service and answer any questions you may have about what we sell. We’ve served the Keller, TX area for years and know the unique needs of our local customers. We’re committed to serving the community and refuse to give our guests anything less than the best. 

Engraving Service 

If you’re buying jewelry as a gift, we can engrave it for you to personalize it! For wedding rings, we can engrave the band so that it has you and your loved one’s initials or your wedding date. For other types of jewelry, we can also engrave them with a special message, initials, name, or date. 

This is an amazing way to make an unforgettable gift even better. Personalization lets your loved one know that they’ll always be on your mind and in your heart. 

Come See The Best Collection of Diamond Jewelry in Keller, TX

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we’re here to help you. We have the best collection of diamond rings and jewelry in Keller, TX. Contact us today or stop by our store to see how we can help you get the perfect gift for your loved one. 

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