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How To Buy David Yurman Jewelry: A Woman’s Guide

For many jewelry collectors, David Yurman jewelry pieces are highly sought after and highly collectable. If you are starting out on your David Yurman jewelry collection, it can seem daunting to figure out where and what to buy first. Collectors love Yurman because each piece blends fine art, fashion, and beautiful jewelry. Yurman’s also hold onto their value so this makes it a great brand for your estate jewelry collection. Here are some tips and tricks on Yurman jewelry.

Tips for buying David Yurman jewelry

When purchasing jewelry from a David Yurman retailer, there are several important things to keep in mind to ensure that you are getting the perfect piece for you. The David Yurman company handcrafts each piece, giving the consumer a piece of art with which to adorn themselves. Price: Consider whether you are looking for jewelry that can be added to your existing jewelry collection or if you want something you will always be able to enjoy. The David Yurman Collection is quite expensive. Since every piece is a work of art, David Yurman rings can cost as much as a family car. So when considering which piece of jewelry to purchase, keep your budget firmly in mind.

How to start your collection

If you are a budding David Yurman collector, here are a few hints to go by: While David Yurman is most famous for their use of natural diamond stones and precious metals, they also produce a range of vintage gold, silver, and platinum pieces that are so intricately designed they can be hard to find. They were one of the first jewelers to set diamonds into silver settings. A good first Yurman piece would be one of these. Another good first piece is his signature cable bracelet. 

Where to buy David Yurman jewelry

David Yurman sells jewelry at David Yurman’s Luxury Sale every three months. It is a VIP shopping experience that David Yurman offers exclusively to members of its Designer Friends program. If you are a David Yurman member, you can shop a selection of the luxury line during the sale and enjoy the full David Yurman experience. For many others, hunting for that perfect Yurman piece is the most part of the fun. Check out estate jewelers or other fine jewelry retailers. Garner Wallace Fine Timepieces and Jewelry has a large selection of David Yurman for every heart’s desire. 

How to take care of your jewelry

Before buying, check the stones for damage. One of the most common places to find David Yurman damage is at the gold or silver thread. When you first purchase your jewelry, it can easily be pushed in between sandpaper or a diamond tool used to buff out the details from the rough gold, silver, or platinum. Sometimes, the thread will break or curl up during the process, leaving behind scratches and imperfections. Use varnish to prolong your jewelry. For smoother, more durable results, rub some varnish into your jewelry after the surface has been cleaned. This will give your pieces a shiny, smooth finish without the damage from sanding. 3. Clean with a soft cloth.  A soft washcloth will work fine. Just make sure to get the dust and loose threads. The cloth should not have metal bristles. If any of this makes you nervous, take your pieces into a credible jeweler to clean for peace of mind.


Jewelry is part of every woman’s fashion sense and can complement any ensemble. As such, David Yurman is every fashionista’s dream.  From the perfect necklace to the perfect pair of earrings, there are many options for a refined look. If you want to look classy, sophisticated, and timeless, buy yourself a Yurman or two. 

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