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The Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2021: Find Your Dream Ring

An engagement ring is just another ring, right? Well, like most women,  I’ve been dreaming about my engagement ring since I was a teenager. An engagement ring is a symbol of love, promise, and commitment but it means more than that. It’s a critical part of setting your personal style or brand. Sure, the timeless classic solitaire is always a great choice, but if you’re thinking more on the latest trends, here are what you want to keep your eye on. 

Two-stone engagement rings

We’re not surprised that the once rare design is making a comeback—two-stone rings are visually appealing, in classic, old-fashioned materials like precious metals and precious gems. Pristine diamonds are always a popular option and in 2020, with their inherent sustainability, can be paired with colored diamonds to take you from millennial-aged love to a more mature union. Although the OG Tiffany’s classic two-stone engagement ring remains a classic, there are tons of alternative ring styles that go far beyond the classic cut and shine, and the current vintage-inspired ring trend makes that style feel relevant to today’s brides.

Vintage-inspired engagement rings 

Vintage is back, baby! While the traditional, refined shape of the 18-carat gold or platinum round engagement ring is trendy for 2019, in 2021, it will reach new heights thanks to the endless variety of antiqued, woodsy, aged, hammered and plain gold options. The modest (yet fashionable!) single-stone design will also have a big year. “Brides in the age range of 26 to 34 are embracing a mix of different styles, mixing vintage elegance with modern beauty,” says Alanna Peacock, creative director and founder of Odessey Debutante Jewelry.

Gemstone colors

The four main gemstone colors (blue, yellow, green and red) will reign supreme. There are various ways to wear each. Some women will enjoy a classic four-stone ring set with white or yellow diamonds on either side, while others will go for the avant-garde look by opting for one large blue stone or mixing and matching different blue, yellow and red stones on one band. There are a variety of color combinations to explore, from three-stone rings with yellow, blue and white diamonds to others with two large blue stones and one large yellow stone, or a four-stone ring with blue diamonds and blue sapphires and red sapphires.


Before you start planning your engagement, make sure you’re confident about your personal style. Whatever you choose, you’ll be a ring-spiration magnet for your friends and family. First, the basics: Cut and what kind of stone you choose. A round or square diamond is in. Most of all, do lots of window shopping until your heart is set.

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