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Misconception About Dealing With Estate Jewelry

When you visit an estate sale, there is nothing off-limits. It’s not uncommon to find clothes, sports memorabilia, or estate jewelry.

Yes, you read that right—we said estate jewelry. But before you race to check the value of the jewelry you’ve found, there are some misconceptions we need to clear up first. By the time you’re done checking out our brief guide, you’re going to know more about estate jewelry than you ever did before.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry might sound like a complex term, but to simplify things, all it means is the jewelry was previously owned by someone else before you obtained it. Even though it’s called estate jewelry, that doesn’t mean that it will always come from estate sales.

In fact, estate jewelry can also be family jewelry that has gotten passed down from family member to family member. There are several misconceptions about this type of jewelry that you should know below.

Is It Vintage?

For some people, jewelry that has gotten passed down must get classified as vintage or antique, right? This is not true; while some pieces will be deemed antique or vintage, not all pieces are of this quality.

For a piece to be coined as vintage, it must be older than 20 years old. Keep in mind jewelry can come from any era, but that doesn’t make it an antique piece.

Is Estate Jewelry Unlucky?

Some people believe that because estate jewelry is being sold, the person selling it no longer wants it because it’s got bad energy or is unlucky. You never know why someone is selling or giving away a piece of jewelry.

It could be because they’ve purchased more jewelry, or they simply want to gift you with a piece they once cherished. Whatever the reason someone has for selling jewelry, we wouldn’t necessarily say that these reasons give the jewelry bad or negative energies.

Is It of Super Quality?

When you find a piece of jewelry at a sale or get it from a family member, naturally, you’ll assume that it’s of high quality. Most of the time, when someone is selling a piece of jewelry, it’s of quality because most people won’t go out of their way to sell fake jewelry.

However, keep an eye out because not all jewelry is made the same. If you’re unsure of the quality of the jewelry you’ve been given, the easy way to solve this is to take it to a professional who can tell you how much the jewelry is valued at.

Estate Jewelry: Misconceptions of Treasured Pieces

There are several rumors and myths that float around when it comes to the term estate jewelry. Some of the misconceptions that we touched on above are that all jewelry isn’t of high quality, and just because someone is selling a piece doesn’t mean it’ll have bad energy attached to it.

If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry and want to purchase from a reputable company, contact Garner Wallace. We specialize in timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Thank you for explaining to us that estate jewelry refers to pieces of jewelry previously owned by someone else or passed down from family member to family member. My grandma passed down some of her jewelry pieces, so I was thinking of selling them soon since I won’t use them anyway. I’ll be sure to look for well-trusted estate jewelry buyers with a good reputation in the market.

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