5 Essential Tips for Taking Care of Your Estate Jewelry

Antique jewelry is beautifully unique and special. Whether it came from your own grandmother, great grandmother, or is a special gift from your husband or fiancé’s family, a family heirloom usually has great meaning. Because of its rarity and meaning, it’s important to take care of antique jewelry to ensure it lasts generations to continue the tradition. So, how should you take care of heirloom diamonds? Check out our tips below to keep your diamonds sparkling forever.

Make sure you store it properly

A tarnished antique diamond can be a sign of neglect. Diamonds are like paperweights; they only require a little bit of pressure to keep them from coming off the chain or ring, so if you’ve ever used a nail file or other sharp object to press on a diamond, this will cause its shine to slowly fade. So, always keep your precious jewelry away from sharp objects, including your fingernails. Always store your jewelry in a safe place. We recommend a museum jewelry box with temperature and humidity controls, though you can also store your jewelry in a safe deposit box, a closet, or a locked drawer. Make sure to keep an eye on your settings and prongs to make sure they’re not bent, loose, or other structural damage. There are a few tricks to make your pieces sparkle for a long time. One of these tricks are to make sure you set time aside to clean and inspect your jewelry.

Clean it regularly

While cleaning a diamond can damage the stone, it’s important to clean it often. This is especially true if you are selling your antique diamond. Many jewelers tell us that doing this every two months is recommended to get rid of any dirt or tarnish that builds up over time. If you plan to wear your antique diamond on a daily basis, you can take the kid gloves off and hand clean your jewelry. Some people even believe that gem polishing is unnecessary as diamond dust is already on the gem and only needs cleaning. Other diamond care tips include washing the jewelry with soap and water periodically. Additionally, make sure to dust your jewelry with diamond powder periodically to help make sure that it doesn’t get damaged. 

Wear it appropriately

Whether you’re a man or a woman, wear your diamonds appropriately. If you’re not the diamond type, stick with gold jewelry that complements your outfit and skin tone. Make sure you keep your diamonds out of the water. When you’re in the water, diamonds are at risk for becoming tarnished. For these reasons, it’s important to keep diamonds out of the water. Always keep your diamond jewelry in a safe place or, if it’s too small for a jewelry box, keep it inside a container or bag that keeps them dry.

Don’t store it with other jewelry

The safest place for heirloom diamonds is in a safe deposit box. When taking jewelry to the bank, it’s also important to use an important security code so you don’t have to sign each time you take an item in and out of the bank. Always check with your bank for specific instructions before taking your diamonds to a jewelry store or dealer. If you have the original jewelry box, store it in that. If you don’t,  invest in a classic jewelry box that is secure and covered. This will help keep your heirloom diamonds from getting scratched or dented. Keep it separate from your costume jewelry.


Investing in antique jewelry is an investment that will last for years and offers a sentimental and visual thrill. Because of its uniqueness and importance, antique jewelry is much harder to buy on sale. Therefore, an antique jewelry collector is considered a real estate investor with a unique product that is out of fashion. Investing in antique jewelry is an extremely rewarding hobby, and it can give you the opportunity to be a real estate investor as well. Collecting antique jewelry is a great way to show appreciation for a special occasion or highlight a precious family treasure. When choosing a good antique jewelry specialist to sell your antique jewelry pieces, the two main questions you should ask are: How old are your pieces and how long do they usually last?

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  1. I’ve always adored shiny things, so I was thinking of buying some vintage jewelry to add to my collection soon. I found it helpful when you advised us to polish and clean our antique jewelry regularly if we want to wear them often to prevent them from getting damaged. I’ll make sure to remember this from now on once I find a jewelry service where I can buy estate jewelry later.

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