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Estate Jewelry Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

For the fashion conscious, being on trend is a must. When searching for the perfect estate jewelry statement piece, here are some of the hottest trends of 2021 to keep those eyes peeled for.

Boho Chic

Whether you prefer dangling or cuff style earrings, a classic chain and gemstone, or even solid gold necklaces, we are almost positive you will be spotting these iconic pieces all over your Instagram feed in just a couple of years. This vintage-inspired look will continue to make a major comeback in the next couple of years, especially with an increase in the popularity of boho chic. This fall we saw the emergence of many color-rich earrings and necklaces, creating even more of a statement than ever before. Bold hues are trending towards the warmer side with pops of lime green, turquoise and pink being the colors of the season. These hues add a hint of color to a solid gold statement piece without overpowering it.

boho chic necklace 1
boho chic necklace 1

Large Bracelets

Bracelets have long been a favorite choice for statement jewelry for women. With so many beautiful bracelets in-stock today, it’s easy to create a statement piece that will instantly stand out. The trend towards large statement jewelry comes as a result of the popularity of chunky necklaces. Many women are drawn to bold and expensive pieces that are perfect for displaying your custom style. 

large bracelet
large bracelet

Classic Engagement Rings

Engagement rings that are classic and timeless have become quite popular among today’s brides. Luxurious options include solid gold bands, diamonds, and emeralds. There are many different options available for brides on a budget to add a bling to their look. Art Deco is especially on trend.

estate engagement rings
estate engagement rings


Estate jewelry adds style and makes for a timeless piece for both men and women. The variety and sophistication of the vintage and retro styles are sure to delight the new generation of jewelry lovers. Old is new again.

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