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What to do With Your Used Rolex

A Rolex watch is an investment. Even some of the more affordable Rolex watches can cost thousands of dollars. It’s not uncommon for a Rolex to cost as much as a used car. 

Having an under-utilized Rolex is sort of like having John Lennon’s paisley Rolls Royce under a tarp in your garage. Maybe there’s a better use for your used Rolex?

Used Rolex Tip #1: Put It in Storage

We mentioned putting a Rolls Royce under a tarp a little earlier. This metaphor’s a bit more pertinent than it might appear at first glance. Maybe you’re just not using your Rolex right now

There can be any number of reasons you might not be wearing your Rolex at the moment. None of us have been going anywhere very fancy for the last year-and-a-half or so, for instance. Maybe you just haven’t had occasion to pull out your coat and tails and fancy watch. 

If you’re not wearing your Rolex that often you’ll need to make it’s stored properly. There are different methods for different lengths of storage. As long as you pull it out and check its status every once in a while, giving it a few solid windings and making sure thing everything is in working order, you should be fine. 

If you’re planning on storing your Rolex for longer periods of time, you can get a watch winder. This will wind your Rolex every so often so it will stay in good running order no matter how long it’s in storage! 

Used Rolex Tip #2: Consider Selling

We don’t all have the luxury of getting to have really valuable items just sitting around and collecting dust for long periods of time. If you’ve got a Rolex you’re not using, it might be time to cash in on your investment. 

If you’re going to sell your used Rolex, make sure you take it to someone who knows about Rolex pricing. You wouldn’t try and sell a Rembrandt at a pawn shop, after all.

People that sell Rolexes know what to do with Rolex watches. They know the different models and different features so they’ll give you the best price for your used Rolex watch. 

It’s a good idea to have an idea of the current going rates for a Rolex, as well. This way when you take it for a Rolex valuation you’ll know for sure that you’re getting a good deal on selling your Rolex. 

Selling a used Rolex is a win-win, for all parties involved. For you, it gives you a chance to cash in on your cash investment. It also gives the watch a chance to be appreciated. A Rolex is too beautiful of a machine to simply collect dust in a drawer! 

Looking to Sell a Rolex?

A Rolex is more than just a fashion accessory. It’s a receptacle for memories. It’s also an investment. 

If you’re looking to sell a used Rolex in or around Texas, come to Garner Wallace. You’re guaranteed to get the attention you deserve from several generations of watch experts. Contact us today with any questions or to set up an appointment! 

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