Where to Find the Best Prices for Pre-owned Rolex

It’s time for a celebration! Maybe you graduated high school or college. Maybe you just got a new job or a promotion.

No matter what you’re celebrating, you want to treat yourself to something nice. A common reward for major adult milestones is a nice watch, and most experts will agree Rolex watches are among the best in the industry. 

But how do you go about selecting a Rolex watch for yourself? Do you buy used or new? Will you get gold or sterling silver?

A preowned Rolex can run just as well as a new one. That’s why this guide will show how and where to get an inexpensive used Rolex.


The age of a watch can affect its price significantly. This goes beyond if a watch is brand new or used. 

Most of the time, an item’s value depreciates over time. This is why you can buy used books and cars for much less than brand new ones. This is not always the case with Rolex watches.

A Rolex watch’s value only depreciates with its first owner. If you buy one used, it will never lose its value after that simply because of its age. So while a used Rolex might cost you less to buy, you can resell it later at around the same price that you bought it for in the first place.

And while many used Rolex watches will cost less than brand new ones, this is not always the case. Collectors will pay good money for vintage Rolex watches that are still in good condition. Oftentimes, watches with this vintage status will sell for more than the retail price of a brand new watch.

Model and Material

The other thing that you want to look out for when purchasing a preowned Rolex is the model. Certain models of Rolex watches have always been more expensive than others. This relative value should remain approximately the same between preowned and new watches. 

However, collectors are always looking for full sets. This means that sellers can ask for high prices when they go to sell an older Rolex no matter the model.

The material is what will give the iconic used watches the most value. It’s not just about what the watch is made of but also how well it’s been maintained. A watch in good condition that has gold elements to it is going to sell for a lot more than a sterling silver watch in poor condition for example.

Get Your Preowned Rolex Today

You can find a Rolex fit for you as long as you’re able to save up the money for it. But that doesn’t tell you where to find used Rolex for the best prices. You can’t just walk into any local jeweler and expect to always find what you’re looking for.

The answer to that question is Garner Wallace. We have the best deals on jewelry and timepieces in the industry, including a fine stock of preowned Rolex watches. We’re the number one name in estate jewelry!

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