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Your Gift-Giving Guide: The 6 Best Rolex for Women

Every woman needs the right signature watch. Whether you’re going for a high-powered career or strutting your stuff, a watch says it all. Even within signature watches, there’s nothing as classic a timepiece as Rolex.

Rolex is one of the most alluring status symbols in the world. Getting yourself or a very special lady in your life a Rolex? You need to know the best Rolex for women.

If you’re in search of the most timeless Rolex for women in the market, here are the six best picks. These are some of the designs that we’re sure will make them happy.

1. Rolex Ladies’ Datejust

One of the most aesthetic timepieces is the Rolex Ladies’ Datejust. It’s the watch of reference, combining beauty and function in one classic piece. It transcends Rolex as a fashion statement and becomes a powerful choice for the ladies.

The design provenance helps make Ladies Datejust great and memorable. It endured eras, retaining the original codes on how to make it. When you talk about a Rolex, it’s likely a Datejust.

The Datejust uses Rolex’s signature Cyclops lens on the crystal. When Rolex invented it in 1953, its function was to provide a better view of the current date. This beautiful magnification design stayed over the years and became a signature for the design.

The reason you can never go wrong with a Rolex Datejust for women is the strong design. It is both strong and elegant, which defines the women of today who want a Rolex.

2. Rolex Oyster Perpetual

One of the best Rolex for women is the Oyster Perpetual. It is among the most classic Rolex designs and one of the purest forms a Rolex can get. It does its job—providing a clear display of time while staying as an awe-inspiring timepiece.

The Oyster Perpetual’s designs come straight from the original Rolex Oyster in 1926. At the time, it was the first waterproof wristwatch. This style laid the foundation of Rolex and people’s expectations from the brand.

Another great aspect about Ladies Oyster Perpetual is the simplicity. Unlike the hyper-aesthetic Datejust, Oyster Perpetuals are simple and easy. They look good on any outfit, whatever the occasion may be.

It’s easy to see why this Rolex for women is enticing. It’s universal in both looks and function, banking on its ability to stay true to the classics. The Oyster Perpetual is not only good looking, however.

Oyster Perpetuals are waterproof for up to 100 meters and can handle corrosion due to its materials. The fluted case on the back also works only with Rolex watchmakers. Every Oyster Perpetual would is an original piece from inside and out.

3. Rolex Ladies Pearlmaster

For people looking for a statement piece, the Rolex Ladies Pearlmaster is perfect. It is a timepiece and jewelry at the same time, showing the refinement of its creators. The Pearlmaster is elegant and delicate, combining precious metals with the finest gemstones.

Many would think that a Ladies Pearlmaster is gaudy. It threads a thin line that divides elegance from extravagance with its balanced style. It is the most feminine Pearlmaster, ready for the most refined mistress of the home.

Pearlmaster collections receive preference for their elegant use of beautiful lines and precious materials. Whether you like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies, the choice is yours. Every Pearlmaster for women is a crucial step toward defining success.

4. Rolex Ladies’ President

The Rolex President is a pick by many people who want the prestige of the timepiece on their wrist. The bezel gives you different choices that look magnificent on you every time. Ladies Presidents are great from smooth to fluted designs and even gem-setting.

Ladies Presidents are great for women trying to get the best, most positive performance from their timepiece. It provides superb contentment to anyone who uses it. Its performance crosses the difference between functionality and beauty.

The President offers some of the best functions in a Rolex, including self-winding movements. It is precise, needs no power, and resists magnetism and shock. It is easy to use and very reliable, which can make your Rolex President a favorite.

5. Rolex Ladies’ Super President

Many women are looking to get a Rolex with style as its number one calling card. If that’s the case, the Super President is the right choice.

The Rolex Super President has found its place in females who want to make a statement. Those who want a more balanced combination between Pearlmaster and the Oyster would love this.

It has all the beauty of Pearlmaster’s indulgence with its lines having diamonds on the center link. While doing its job, a Super President never disappoints with its functional beauty.

6. Rolex Ladies Yacht-Master

The Rolex Ladies Yacht-Master is the timepiece of choice for women at both work and leisure. Designed for people who enjoy the seven seas, it is the Regatta watch. It is the only chronograph in the world with mechanical memory that works best at sea.

Yacht-Masters have some of the best functionalities in the world. Their clear display is great for showing attention to detail. Its programmable countdown and mechanical memory will give any experienced sailor something to enjoy.

With its commanding functional bezel, the Ladies Yacht-Master is the choice for the busy woman. It is a powerful symbol of a woman who never stops exploring their boundaries.

Pick the Best Rolex for Women Now

When picking the best Rolex for women, pick the one that matches their lifestyle. Every Rolex has its own story and its own provenance. There is never a wrong Rolex for women, but it’s best to create a strong connection with its potential owner.

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