How To Buy Pre Owned Rolex Watch: The Ultimate Guide

How To Buy Pre Owned Rolex Watch: The Ultimate Guide

When buying pre-owed or used rolex watches online, there are key factors that you should take into consideration for a successful purchase that satisfies.

Is it new? Is it used? No one will know—except you!

You don’t have to pay full-price for a brand-new Rolex to have one of these watches for yourself. A pre-owned Rolex is every bit as eye-catching and impressive as a new one, often with some history and sometimes for a fraction of the price. 

When buying a used Rolex watch online, be sure you’re getting what you pay for before you hand over your credit card information. Keep these key factors in mind when shopping online for your pre-owned Rolex. Now lets learn how to buy pre owned rolex.

Is it a Reputable Seller?

Be sure you research the seller. When it comes to jewelry and watches, there are plenty of fake replicas of Rolex and other luxury brands. 

It’s hard to tell the difference between a knock-off and a genuine Rolex watch, especially when the transaction takes place online. Without the ability to examine the piece in person, you have to trust a seller to give you the real deal. 

There are a lot of online dealers that offer used Rolex watches. Before buying yours, confirm a few things about the seller:

  • What’s their reputation? Search for reviews specific to selling pre-owned Rolex watches. If you find reviews or complaints about a seller from unhappy customers who bought a “Rolex” only to discover it wasn’t real, that’s not a reputable dealer. 
  • Can they provide authenticity assurance? You need documentation that proves your new-to-you Rolex is authentic. Before completing the purchase, ask for this kind of paperwork. Take the paperwork to a local Rolex expert to verify the paperwork. Jewelry and watch dealers who can provide authentic paperwork are rarer than you might think. If you can’t get this paperwork, that dealer isn’t worth your time. 
  • Do they offer a warranty? A quality Roles re-seller will give you a warranty on a used Rolex. They know it’s a quality product and they stand by the sale. They also stand by any work they’ve done to verify your Rolex works—and will continue to work. If you can’t get a warranty, you don’t need that Rolex. 
  • What are the dealer’s rating parameters? What do they consider “good” condition versus “mint” condition? How does that affect how they price a used Rolex?

Asking these questions about a Rolex reseller will help you quickly narrow down your options to find a verified used Rolex. 

What Do You Know About the Watch?

If you’re a true fan of Rolex watches, you know that each model comes with plenty of research and information behind it. 

Not only does the Rolex model have a story and history, but the specific watch you have your eye on also has a story. You should be able to find information about the model and the particular pre-owned watch. 

The Model

Rolex models evolve over time, but many models have been a part of the Rolex family for many years—even decades.  

  • Know the details of your model. How has it changed over time? Do changes between model versions affect the value? Does this value affect how much you should pay a pre-owned watch?
  • Know how many are available. Availability can affect the value of a Rolex. You’ll pay more for a rare Rolex versus one that’s more readily available from other qualified dealers. 
  • Know the price range. A good used Rolex dealer also knows how many other watches are available and how much they’re worth. Make sure he doesn’t know more about the watch than you do when negotiating the price. 

When you’re well-informed about the Rolex model you want, get more specific about the watch you want to buy. 

The Watch

Ask specific questions about the watch you’ve found from your verified dealer. 

  • How did the dealer get it? 
  • When was it made? 
  • What’s the story about any defects or repairs?
  • How do they rate the condition of the watch? 

If you’re a true Rolex collector, you might also want to know who owned the watch before you purchase it. The previous owner could influence the costs, or that information could influence your interest in the watch and decision to buy it. 

A Rolex previously owned by someone famous could be more expensive to buy, but it could have more value to you as a true collector. If the former owner doesn’t matter to you, don’t let the price of fame increase the cost of your pre-owned Rolex. 

Proudly Wear Your Used Rolex!

Sometimes the history of a used Rolex makes a watch more impressive than a brand-new Rolex. Many collectors have a passion for finding rare or well-traveled Rolex watches with a history to add to their collection.  

We are specialists for Rolex watch sales and repair. If you have your eye on a Rolex or need service for your current luxury timepiece, contact us! We can answer any questions on how to buy pre owned rolex and guide you through the process.

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