Rolex watches are not your regular timepieces. Beyond their cogs, gears, and numbers, each watch represents fine mechanical craftsmanship that has proven to be durable, elegant, and timeless in style and design. They need careful handling, storage, and maintenance. Here are some suggestions on how to keep your Rolex watch in its tip top shape.

Cleaning: Since most Rolex watches are now waterproof, you can easily and regularly clean yours with soap and water. Beforehand, make sure that your hands are clean and free from dirt and oil, the winding crown is tightly screwed, and that there are no visible damages. Use lukewarm water, ammonia-free gently soap, and soft brush to wash your watch. Afterwards, use a soft cloth or a blow dryer set on low to dry it. Still, there are perfectly fine cleaning products that we can recommend for your watch’s specific needs.

Servicing: All Rolex watches are prone to wear and tear. Even those that aren’t used often still need to get checked. This is why we highly recommend having your watch serviced regularly, every two to four years.

Storage: It is vital to store your watches in a cool, dry, and properly sealed container, preferably dark and away from sunlight. Your main enemies in storage are humidity and moisture, which can lead to rust, dust, which might accumulate through time, and sunlight, which under constant exposure will result to fading.

Regular Wear: Every Rolex watch deserves to be seen outside on your wrist, not just inside a box. It is important to keep it running to avoid constantly having to wind it. Without movement, its lubricants will harden or dry up and its movement will stiffen, causing friction or damage from the inside. If you are not planning to use it every day, then it is ideal to wind it once a week, gently rock or move it every 48 hours, or set a watch winder eight hours a day.

Addressing Scratches: If you are keen on polishing your watch at home, never use cleaners that are not meant for jewelry. However, we strongly advise all our clients to leave the polishing to the professionals. Not only do we have specific cleaners for your kind of watch, we also see the value of keeping the original shine of a Rolex. In the wrong hands, it can lose its high value because the technician messed with the watch’s original finish and altered with the parts.

Visit our blog again soon as we update it with more information on watch maintenance. If you are in the market for repair or restoration, do not hesitate to call us here at Garner Wallace to schedule an appointment. Not only do we specialize in Rolex repair, we also have years of established experience in watch and jewelry in the following cities: Keller, Southlake, Westlake, Trophy Club, Colleyville, NRH, Roanoke, Haslet, Ft Worth, & Watauga.

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